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Liquid Silicone Coloring

5 Facts about Silicone Color


  • Silicone color companies offer standard colors. Color matching of silicone and tints are available from multiple manufacturers such as, GSDI (Gayson), Nusil Technology, DTI and Ferro.
  • The term used in the industry is silicone color dispersions. The normal amount of dispersion used is 2% by weight.
  • When color matching is done the same silicone manufacturer has to be used in manufacturing the product or the color will be different.
  • In unrestricted silicone parts (long term implantables) silicone color dispersion has to be an unrestricted color also. For information on unrestricted color see Nusil Silicone Technology.
  • In production molding of colored silicone parts, the color dispersion is added before the static mixer. 


Gayson Standard Silicone Colors have 40 standard colors in stock, colored silicone molding parts can be done at your own choice. Visit GSDI (Gayson) for more information.

 Gayson Color Page

For medical applications, Gayson and Nusil have teamed up to offer a line of silicone masterbatches that are customized to be used with Nusil’s restricted and unrestricted liquid silicone grade.