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Silicone Myth Busters

Myth One

“Liquid Silicone can not be molded over low melt thermal plastics and temperature sensitive electronic components”


Myth One Busted

We have developed a process for over molding of low melt thermal plastics and temperature sensitive electronic components with liquid silicone.


Myth Two

“The highest durometer available in Liquid Silicone is 80 shore A.”


Myth Two Busted

Liquid Silicone is available above 80 shore A durometer.

There are many ways to increase durometer. Some of the methods are addition of fillers, changing the chemistry.

Some of the applications requirements are for higher structural loading, resistance bending.

Note: Optical silicones are very hard, 70 shore D, but have very little elasticity.


Myth Three

Liquid Silicone can not be both thermally conductive and electrically insulative.

Myth Three Busted

Special formulations of Liquid Silicones are available that are both electrical insulated and thermally conductive.

The application would be to transfer the heat from a printed circuit board.