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If your part is under 11” x 3” x 3” ( cm x cm x cm) and (20 in3 I cm3) in volume, Albright can mold with their standard tooling. If the part is larger, call Albright’s Inside Sales to discuss possible solutions. The large silicone part shown is a anatomical model of the right heart and descending vasculature. The model was tooled and molded as three sections and bonded into a complete assembly.

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor

Ryan Taylor joined the Albright Technologies team in September of 2014. Previously, he worked in the plastics and rubber industries for 7 years in multiple sales, marketing and management roles. Ryan received a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from Clark University in 2009. At Albright, Ryan works to increase business development through multiple marketing channels and networking within the industries that the company serves. In his spare time outside of work, Ryan enjoys skiing, driving and travelling.
Ryan Taylor

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Date : July 13, 2016

Client : Confidential

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