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Rapid Tooling for Silicone Molding

Rapid Silicone Mold Design

Tooling for liquid silicone molding is very different than tooling for thermoplastic injection molding. Our team is highly skilled in designing, machining, and running silicone tooling. We have put a lot of resources into developing innovative mold designs that specifically deal with the complexities of liquid silicone molding. We focus on eliminating, or combining, steps in the design procedure to streamline the "CAD model-to-prototype" process. In addition, we have a large stock of mold bases and cutting tools to further shorten the lead time.

Small Details and Tight Tolerances

Liquid silicone has the ability to reproduce very fine details in the mold. This is particularly useful when tight tolerances are desirable. For example, when 3D milling, we typically run end mills that are 1/64" (.015") in diameter, but we also have extensive experience running end mills as small as .005" in diameter to machine fine features.

Special Features and Undercuts

Liquid silicone also has the ability to produce parts with under cuts without the need for special tooling like that which is required by thermoplastic injection molding. If the part has special features we use hand pulls and manual slides.  Not only does this make silicone tooling less expensive but it also cuts down on the lead time.

Surface Finish

We also provide our customers with a variety of desired surface finishes. For example, we can do surface matching, machine finish with no tooling marks, different levels of polished surfaces, light texturing and many more.

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